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Sample Clearance Sample Clearance

If you use samples in your commercial productions you'll need permission from the copyright owners. You'll need a Sample License or Master Use License.

If you plan to sample music from a commercial pop recording, you'll need permission from the copyright owner of the song - usually the music publisher (a mechanical license). You'll also need permission form the owner of the master tapes (the recording itself) - usually the record company (a master use license).

In case you use a sample from a sample CD make sure you bought a license.

No permission is needed when using old recordings that are in the public domain. You do need music permission however when using a newly recorded version (just a few samples or the complete master) of a public domain work (mostly older classical works). You need permission form the master owner / the owner of the sound recording of that public domain composition.

We noticed there are a lot of misconceptions about the differences between remixes, cover versions of a song, and the use of samples. We are here to help clear things up.

Make sure you don't use uncleared samples in your release !

For more information about the use of samples and sample clearance, go to the Contact Us page.


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