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Music Legal Advice Experts in Music Legal Advice

By Mauritz Kop LL.M.

Legal solutions for the music industry. Experts in music legal advice.

MusicaJuridica offers specialized music legal advice, representation, pro-active lawyering and legal solutions for the music industry. These legal services are tailored to the special and specialist legal requirements of musicians, composers, artists, labels, publishers and festivals. MusicaJuridica is a private legal practice. We offer advice, education and advocacy services to natural persons, foundations and companies operating across the music and entertainment industries.

Specialized music legal services include advice and information about:

Music Contracts (such as licensing agreements, distribution contracts, contract negotiation, recording contracts, music publishing agreements, synchronization contracts, 360 contracts), Copyrights, Licensing, Publishing, Mechanical Licenses, Covers, Remixes, Sample Clearance, Arranging Music, ISRC and UPC Codes, PRO's and Royalties.

MusicaJuridica: Experts in Music Legal Advice.