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music contracts MusicaJuridica was founded in 2010 by Mauritz Kop LL.M., lawyer, composer, producer & musician and specialized in the music and entertainment industries. MusicaJuridica is dedicated to provide musicians, labels and other people working in the music industry with professional legal solutions.

MusicaJuridica offers legal advice and representation in the areas of employment, social security, intellectual property, general conditions and contract law. Because Mauritz Kop LL.M. has a shared legal and musical background, he is not only capable of offering specialized legal services relating to music and law, such as drafting music contracs, but also informational and educational services for the music industries, as well as digital mastering, CD distribution, marketing and promotion. With his musical background he can empathize with musicians, and is able to defend your interests in a professional and committed way. Contact us without any obligation via email or phone to discuss the possibilities.

MusicaJuridica offers advice, education and advocacy services to musicians, composers, artists, labels, online music stores, festivals, advertising agencies, music startups and record companies operating across the music and entertainment industries.                                        

In addition, MusicaJuridica runs an online mastering service called ‘ITB Mastering’, which focuses on professional quality digital mastering through a personal and professional service.

Specialized music legal services provided by MusicaJuridica include:

  • Preliminary advice and information on music-related legal and business matters including copyright, licensing and publishing, royalties, terms of service, business names and structures, insurance and employment law, legal disclaimers;
  • Copyright Registration;
  • Music Contracts;
  • Music Consulting
  • Advice about covers, remixes, use of samples and more.
  • Custom Legal Disclaimers and Legal Disclaimer check.
  • Legal Referral Services. To lodge your request for legal advice go to the Legal Referral page or to find more about MusicaJuridica's legal referral services please contact us by email  .

MusicaJuridica also provides the following information services for the music industry:

  • A number of information sheets and articles on music-related issues such as copyright, music management, publishing, licensing and recording are available for paid download from the MusicaJuridica website;
  • Customizable contracts are instantly downloadable for a fee from the MusicaJuridica website. Music contracts include Artist Contracts, Producer Contracts, Management Contracts, Record Label Contracts, Booking Contracts, Licensing and Publishing Contracts, the Distribution Contract, the Band Partnership Agreement and the Mechanical License. These agreements are produced with explanatory notes and sample wording for each clause and have been created to assist musicians and music organisations in drafting contracts suitable for their needs, in an ever-changing music industry.
  • Information on how to release and distribute your CD;
  • Information about promotion and marketing.

Music Contracts

Here at MusicaJuridica you can find music contracts, advice and information on music-related legal questions and employment related matters, contract negotiation strategy, legal disclaimers, legal referral services, copyrights registration, licensing, publishing, sample clearance, remixes, covers, terms of use for music startups, upc and isrc codes, performing rights associations, royalties, legal bandcoaching, legal labelcoaching, how to release your music, how to promote your stuff on the internet and more.

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