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Custom Legal Disclaimers Custom Legal Disclaimers

A Legal Disclaimer is a defensive measure, used generally with the purpose of protection from unwanted claims or liability. Now that the use of the internet is increasing dramatically, companies and employees are using legal disclaimers more and more.

To protect your company, your site or other interests, MusicaJuridica offers a Legal Disclaimer service.

1. MusicaJuridica can scan your current Legal Disclaimer on legal errors or insufficiencies, or to check if it's still up-to-date, without making any improvements to it, for $ 135. Paypal and credit cards accepted.

2. MusicaJuridica can create a fully customized Legal Disclaimer that is tailered to your own special requirements and will give you solid protection form unwanted claims and liability. MusicaJuridica can offer this service for only $ 450. Paypal and Credit cards accepted.


For more information about custom legal disclaimers, Contact Us.