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Remixes Remixes

Remixes are subject to the copyrights of the original work's copyright holder. When you want to release a remix you need clearance.

Most mainstream acts obtain prior authorization to use samples, a process known as "clearing" (gaining permission to use the sample and, usually, paying an up-front fee and/or a cut of the royalties to the original artist). Independent bands, lacking the funds and legal assistance to clear samples, are at a disadvantage - unless they seek the services of a professional sample replay company or producer. Typically, a Master Use License or Sample License is needed to get the necessary clearance.

You'll also need permission from the copyright owner of the song (the underlying musical composition) - usually the songwriter or the music publisher (a mechanical license).

MusicaJuridica provides musicians and labels with legal advice about remixes and how to get clearance for only $49.99 per request. Paypal and credit cards are accepted.

We noticed there is generally a lot of confusion about the differences in legal requirements between remixes, cover songs, and the use of samples. We are here to help clear things up.

Make sure you don't use uncleared samples when you release your remix !

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