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Copyright is the set of exclusive rights granted to the author or creator of an original work, including the right to copy, distribute and adapt the work. These rights can be licensed, transferred and/or assigned. Copyright lasts for a certain time period after which the work is said to enter the public domain. Copyright applies to a wide range of works that are substantive and fixed in a medium. Some jurisdictions also recognize "moral rights" of the creator of a work, such as the right to be credited for the work. Copyright is described under the umbrella term intellectual property along with patents and trademarks.

Copyright Registration

We can copyright your music for $15 per track or $59.99 per album. Paypal and credit cards are accepted.

MusicaJuridica advises musicians to register their copyrights so that copyright infringers cannot claim the public domain defense.

You'll receive a unique copyright code (digital fingerprint) within 7 days once your copyright has been registered and protected.

  • copyright 1 track $15  


  • copyright album $59.99  


For questions about copyrighting your music, go the Contact Us page.

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