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Mauritz Kop Curriculum Mauritz Kop LL.M.

Legal background:

Mauritz Kop LL.M. is a lawyer specialized in private law, labor law, (international) intellectual property law and contract law, with strong experience in the field of employment law, intellectual property, representation in courts and policy development and advice. In the area of labor and damages entitled Mauritz Kop LL.M. published several articles in leading legal journals such as the Dutch Journal of Social Law and Dutch Lawyers Journal. These articles belong to the compulsory literature in the Master phase of the Law Program at various universities in The Netherlands. His work is included among others in the legal library of the Social Economic Council (SER) and the Royal Library for the Preservation of National Cultural Heritage in The Hague.

Musical background:

Mauritz Kop LL.M. studied clarinet and music theory at the Center For The Arts Kreato in Thorn, where he studied with Johnny Tonnaer, Marcel van Bree, Paula Mooren, Ria Peeters and Roger Creusen among others. He also took piano lessons with Jean-Pierre Steijvers. His musical background is classical, and he has performed with various orchestras throughout the years. He has won awards for both his solo and orchestral performances. As clarinetist, he worked with conductors Jan Cober, Thijs Tonnaer, Heinz Friesen, Ivan Meylemans, Theo Wolters, Henrie Adams, Dominique Scheurs, Jean Pierre Cnoops, Ad Lamerigts, Erik Somers, Steven Walker, Peter Swinkels, Roger Niese and Jos van der Braak.

In his twenties, Mauritz Kop LL.M. began composing and producing electronica music via computer. To this end he followed the Audio Masterclass - Music Production and Sound Engineering Course, and the Audio Masterclass - Mixing Course. Mauritz Kop LL.M. remixed artists like Morcheeba, Björk and Tia Leslie and has several CDs to his name, as '' The Ambient Society ''. In 2009, his single ''Clairvoyance ft. Suzy'' was digitally distributed worldwide by Universal / Republic. For his own productions he works regularly with vocalists from around the world, including Michaela Karadjian (soloist with The Dutch Opera), rapper Mic Most (USA), singers Paul Burke (USA), Tia Leslie (USA), Dave Pugh & Paul Groom (UK) and Joshua Spades (Australia). Recently, Mauritz Kop LL.M. is dedicated to the digital mastering of electronic (house, minimal, ambient, progressive, techno, downtempo, dubstep), hip-hop, classical and world music. He also plays Electronic Wind Instrument (Akai EWI). Since 2010 Mauritz Kop LL.M. also composes for classical orchestras. He composed ''Concerto for Contemporary Music Ensemble (for Concert Band'' and ''Jugurtha (for Mezzo Soprano & Symphonic Wind Orchestra)''. From 2011 he plays clarinet in The New Clarinet Symphonics, a professional clarinet choir based in The Netherlands. He also produced art concepts, concerts and performances at Extrema Solar Weekend Festival 2012 and 2013. Both music and law have been practised in his family for generations.