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music contracts Music Contracts

This section mentiones the most widely used and current contracts in the music industry. We will customize each musiccontract for your own specific needs. Whether you are a label, a producer, a DJ or a new music startup, we've got you covered! Contact us if you need one of these contracts.

A written contract should reflect the parties actual agreement about important topics such as royalties, copyrights, recording costs, duration, remixes, performance rights, jurisdiction, licensing, applicable law, premature termination and rights to use artist name.

Note that you should never sign a standard music contract (downloaded from internet) without consulting us or other music attorneys about the specifics!

Artist Contracts:

  • Artist - Management Contract    
  • Artist - Record Company Contract   
  • Artist - Producer Contract    
  • Artist - Master Producer Contract   
  • Artist - Recording Contract   
  • Artist - Tech Rider Contract   
  • Artist - Manager Contract  
  • Artist - Studio Contract   
  • Vocalist Contract  
  • Songwriter Contract   
  • Exclusive Songwriter(s) Contract  
  • Single Song Option Contract  
  • Band Partnership Agreement   
  • Band Member Agreement    

Distribution Contracts

  • Distribution Contract  
  • Record Co-Distribution Policy Statement  
  • Talent Release Contract
  • Merchandise Licensing Contract   

Copyright Contracts

Royalty Contracts

  • Royalty Agreement Contract    
  • Royalty Payment Schedule Contract    
  • Publisher - Royalty Sharing Contract    
  • Producer Royalties Contract  
  • Song Royalty Agreement
  • Mechanical License    

Concert Booking and Production Contracts

  • Booking Contract   
  • Production Distribution Promotion Contract  
  • Performance Contract   
  • Technical Advisor and Consultant Agreement 
  • Agency Booking Agreement    
  • Artist - Tech Rider Contract
  • Sound & Light Contracting Agreement   

Management and A&R Contracts

  • Artist - Management Contract  
  • Personal Manager Contract 
  • Producer - Management Contract    
  • Agency Booking Agreement  
  • Agreement Of Foreign Agency    

 Marketing & Promotion Contracts

  • Promotional Contract    
  • Production Distribution Promotion Contract   
  • International Marketing Contract    
  • Publicity Contract   
  • Event Sponsorship Contract   
  • Merchandise Licensing Contract   

Music Publishing Contracts 

  • Publishing Contract   
  • Publisher - Record Company Contract 
  • Publisher - Royalty Sharing Contract   
  • Subpublishing Contract   
  • Copyright License Contract   

Record Label Contracts

  • Production Distribution Promotion Contract    
  • Record Company Contract   
  • Recording Agreement  
  • Record Company - Producer Contract    
  • Record Company - Artist Contract    
  • Record Company - Publisher Contract   

Producer and Studio Contracts

  • Production Contract  
  • Producer - Record Company Contract   
  • Producer - Management Contract    
  • Producer - Composer Contract  
  • Producer - Talent Contract  
  • Producer - Vocalist Contract   
  • Producer Royalties Contract  
  • Producers Assistant Contract    
  • Producers Letter Of Agreement  
  • Production Distribution Promotion Contract    
  • Studio Charges Time Contract    

Music Video, Film and Television Contracts

  • TV Movie Film Synchronization Contract   
  • Video Release Contract   
  • Photographer Contract 
  • Commercial Music Contract  

Contract Packages

Contract Packages contain all of the contracts above per category

  • Artist Contracts Package  
  • Distribution Contracts Package    
  • Copyright Contracts Package  
  • Royalty Contracts Package   
  • Concert Booking and Production Contracts Package  
  • Management and A&R Contracts Package   
  • Marketing & Promotion Contracts Package  
  • Music Publishing Contracts Package  
  • Record Label Contracts Package   
  • Producer and Studio Contracts Package   
  • Music Video, Film and Television Contracts Package    

For questions about these or other music contracts contact us.

Legal Disclaimer: The music contracts on this page have been prepared and authenticated by MusicaJuridica. The customizable contracts are form agreements that require adaptation to each unique legal and contractual situation. These agreements are not a substitute for legal advice and the use of such should be discussed with an attorney in your country or state when facing specific legal situations. If you are in need of legal advice, consult a lawyer in your country or state, or use MusicaJuridica's Legal Referral Service. There exist no warranties, expressed or implied, as to the MusicaJuridica music contracts. Choosing to use these forms acknowledges that you have read this disclaimer and agreed to its terms. Specifically, you have not been advised by MusicaJuridica regarding the use of these contracts to your specific situation and thus waive any warranty, expressed or implied, in relation to the use of these forms. If you do not agree with this disclaimer and/ or do not adhere to its terms, you are not licensed to use the MusicaJuridica form agreements. By choosing to use any of the MusicaJuridica form agreements, you automatically become bound to the terms of this disclaimer.

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